Privacy Policy

The 8th Portsmouth Scout Group is committed to protecting the privacy of its website’s users. This privacy statement sets out our current data processing practices, giving a summary of what information is collected and how it is used. It should be noted that this policy applies to the 8th Portsmouth Scout Group website only and does not include the use of any other Scouting websites, even those linked. Users should check the privacy policies of any website they visit. For any questions or concerns about these practices, please contact [email protected].

The information we collect
Upon visiting this website, information regarding your connection is collected automatically and placed in a log file on the website’s server. This log comprises of:

  • Your IP address
  • Your web browser, as it is reported by your computer
  • Your operating system and version, as it is reported by your computer
  • The page(s) you visit
  • The referring website (ie Google)
  • The time and date you visited

This information is stored for an indefinite amount of time. It will not under any circumstances ever knowingly be used to identify or contact you. As of the writing of this policy, the 8th Portsmouth Scout Group has not knowingly identified a visitor using the above information. As of the writing of this policy, the 8th Portsmouth Scout Group has not been asked by any law enforcement agency, government agency or third-party body of either international or terrestrial origin to provide personally identifying information derived from the automatically collection information detailed above.

This information is used only for debugging, and not analytical, purposes.

The 8th Portsmouth Scout Group is not under any obligation to notify any persons who have been identified through the use of automatically collected information either knowingly or unknowingly.

This website sets up to 3 cookies without logging into its admin control panel. They are necessary for WordPress’s operation. You can delete them or tell your web browser not to accept cookies.

Encryption status
Your connection to this website is encrypted. Your address bar should show a padlock icon, and the prefix of the website should be “https://”. This means your connection to this website is private.

Website content
Except where otherwise noted, all text content and all document downloads on the Resources page are available under the CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Copyright of all photographs hosted on this website remains the sole property of the 8th Portsmouth Scouts. They may not be shared, used in the media or hosted elsewhere without permission.

Some images have been sourced from elsewhere. These images remain the property of their original authors and are used with permission.

The Serif font designed by Lucas de Groot used under the license granted to the UK Scout Association for Scouting related media.

More information
For more information on the data being collected and how it is used you can contact the website’s administrator at [email protected]. You can send encrypted emails to this address using PGP key 0x30E698EA. See the key on this site or on any keyserver.