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Thanks for your interest in joining the 8th! You’ll find the form below.

We ask that you please provide your full name and the Young Person’s (that’s the child joining) date of birth. This is so we can determine which section they should join.

We also ask for your address and the Young Person’s school so we can refer you to another group if need be, such as if the waiting list is quite long or if you live closer to another group.

Knowing the Young Person’s previous Scouting history (if any) is useful too.

Before this goes live I’d like the page in two “boxes” with the above info on the left.

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    How would you like to help us?

    Just let us know what skills you could offer, any details of any previous Scouting experience or anything else you’d like us to know!

    Have you ever been involved with Scouting before?